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The Guardian

I should begin by telling you that at the age of 6 was the first time I was ever exposed to the naked male form.
We were living in York Mills Ontario in a cluster of Town Homes, behind, well, rather to the side and in the front of us there was a ravine, it had an abundant amount of trees and a pathway to go for strolls on. One Fine Saturday morning by three-year old brother and I went for a walk with our Mother and on the way back as we were fairly close to the tiny hill that would lead us to our front door a fully naked man walk out from behind a cluster of trees. I was the one who saw him first, he didn’t say anything but was wagging his junk at my mother, well, I guess at all of us but, you get the gist. My mother grabbed both our hands and said run. We ran home she called the police. I don’t know what happened to the man or if they ever found him. But that was my first experience with the inappropriate things people can do.

Over the years, many things have happened in my life and I am willing to share all here within these pages.

I, am known as “The Guardian” within my group, for many reasons, but mostly because of my ability to protect and help others, like, me who have suffered at the hands of others. But, also like others, have risen and become the strong woman I am today.

So, if you are feeling like your story does not matter, let me assure you, it does.  If you feel like you are insignificant, let me tell, you matter. If, you are feeling like you don’t fit in, let me reassure you that here, within our pages, you will fit in just fine.  

All we ask is that you are honest, that you share our work and that you report to one of our Admins via our email address: 

and we urge you to find your voice, write and share your stories. No matter how difficult, know you are in a place where our entire team has lived through/with some of the experiences and/or illnesses that you may be dealing with each and ever day of your life.

I AM THE GUARDIAN and I am one of your 5 Admins.

The Guardian

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

This site is for anyone who is in need of support and finding new friends to discuss our lives of survival and gaining a support system.









#Chronic Pain Illnesses

So, come on in and feel free to read, share, leave comments (we love that) and should you ever wish to share your story on here, by all means, please let us know.

We are not a business, nor are we looking for money. We are simply a community group of people who discuss mental illnesses, daily activities, support each other and share information on diagnosis, getting help, getting proper support and not being able to speak about what you’ve been through or are still going through today. We share information, write on our blog page and share our stories with you. We are in our beginning stages so please, be patient with us. We’ll get there together. We encourage expression and create a safe environment. We want our community to be a place where people feel empowered to communicate and share. “We are committed to removing content that encourages real-world harm, including (but not limited to) physical, financial, and emotional injury.” “ Our community is global and diverse. “ “ Everyone on Facebook plays a part in keeping the platform safe and respectful. We ask people to share responsibly and to let us know when they see something that may violate our Community Standards. “ “ The consequences for violating our Community Standards vary depending on the severity of the violation and a person’s history on the platform. “ “ Our Community Standards, which we will continue to develop over time, serve as a guide for how to communicate within our group.”

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